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Your Local Mortgage Broker in West Chester, PA

Brandywine Valley Mortgage understands that each client has unique home financing needs. As a trusted mortgage broker in West Chester, we pay close attention to what you need and we make sure you get it.

Our team of mortgage brokers is here to help you find the most competitive rates and make the entire process of getting a mortgage seamless and stress free so you can save money.

Why Work With a PA Mortgage Broker

Working with a member of our PA mortgage broker team in West Chester has countless advantages to help you in the home loan process.
When you work with a credible broker at Brandywine Valley Mortgage, you will get access to banks and lenders whose loan terms match your budget and needs, helping you get competitive rates and managing your fees appropriately. We will negotiate on your behalf and work directly with lenders to get you the best interest rate, streamline your application, and give you several loan programs to compare rates — all while providing excellent service and working to save you money.
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West Chester Loan Officers

When you work with our team of loan officers in West Chester, PA you will get:

About Brandywine Valley Mortgage

As your mortgage broker, we offer a wide selection of home loan options from our national network of wholesale mortgage lenders. This allows us to prioritize your best interests, rather than the banks, and offer you the best interest rates and top-notch loan programs for your unique situation. Our ultimate goal is to work collaboratively with you and give you great service, while connecting you with not just the best mortgage, but the right mortgage.
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Price, Product, Process: Our 3 Principle Ideas

Brandywine Valley Mortgage offers some of the most competitive mortgage rates in West Chester, PA because we have built a reliable reputation based on three principle ideas — price, product and process.
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The lenders within our network offer some of the best mortgage rates on the market. As a result, we can provide wholesale prices for each client.
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Every buyer has unique financing requirements. For this reason, we have hundreds of financing products and loan programs to help you find exactly what you need.
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We offer wholesale prices, hundreds of different types of financing products, and provide a simple straightforward process from start to close. When it comes to getting the right loan at the right rate, we will find the best possible solution for our Chester County clients.
We offer wholesale “prices”, 100’s of different types of financing “products”, and provide a simple straight forward “process” from start to close. When it comes to getting the right loan at the right rate, we will find the best possible solution for our clients.


What It Means to Be a Responsible Homeowner

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Making timely mortgage payments on your Home Loan

As your mortgage lender, we help you secure flexible mortgage payment terms so you will not have problems paying your mortgage on time.

Paying your property taxes bill

We are an experienced mortgage broker that serves clients in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida. We can help you understand your property tax.

Landscaping and home maintenance

Maximize your property investment by looking after it. Schedule regular landscaping and home maintenance services to keep it in pristine condition.

Setting up the necessary services

A great house does not just look good. It has everything you need to live comfortably. So, set up all necessary services before settling in.

Why Choose Brandywine Valley Mortgage Brokers

Here at Brandywine Valley Mortgage, we want your home buying journey to be the best it can be. Our team of expert Chester County mortgage brokers have over 15 years of experience and can create a plan just for you. Whether you are looking to refinance an existing mortgage or are a first time buyer, our team is ready to help make the home buying experience simple and straightforward.

A few words from Jason Stevenson,

President & Loan Officer at Brandywine Valley Mortgage

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Let our experienced mortgage brokers help you find competitive rates and flexible payment terms that match your mortgage needs.
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First Time Home buyers Guide

Congratulations on taking the first step towards buying your first home! Sometimes, getting started is the hardest step. Follow our handy first time homebuyers guide to get your home loan process started. As your mortgage lender, we will be with you every step of the way.

Helpful Mortgage Calculator

Calculate your monthly mortgage payments, including taxes and insurance, to see how much home you can afford. By customizing your payment options using our calculator, you can see easily what kind of interest rate you are looking for so your monthly payment is within your budget.
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